Beverley House

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The French Room - Downstairs

Photos Details
Book $225 265 265 242 242 242 265 265 265 265 242 242 242 265 265

The Balcony Room Standard

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Book $225 265 265 242 242 242 265 265 265 265 242 242 242 265 265

The Asian Room Standard

Photos Details
Book $225 Sold Sold 242 242 242 265 265 265 265 242 242 242 265 265
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Property Information

Beverley House
4 Lawson street
Mudgee NSW 2850 Australia

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Property Features

  1. Fresh linen supplied
  2. On-site undercover parking
  3. Non-Smoking Property
  4. Coffee Maker
  5. BBQ Area
  6. Street parking
  7. Air-Conditioning
  8. Kitchenette
  9. Non-Smoking Rooms
  10. 24 hour Reception
  11. Garden
  12. Terrace
  13. DVD Library
  14. Air Conditioning
  15. Iron/Ironing Board
  16. TV
  17. Free Parking

Accommodation Details

The French Room - Downstairs Book

Standard rates for this room

  1. Outdoor Setting
  2. Fridge - Bar Fridge
  3. Barbeque
  4. CD Player
  5. Microwave
  6. DVD Player
  7. Air-conditioning
  8. Iron/Ironing board
  9. Television
  11. Electric Blanket
  12. Hairdryer
  13. Small Balcony
  14. Linen and Towels Provided
  15. Weekly Room Service
  16. En-Suite Bathroom
  17. Shower - separate
  18. Bathrobes Provided
  19. Toaster
  20. Dining Setting
  21. Queen bed
  22. Heating
  23. Kitchenette
  24. Lounge Area
  25. Non-Smoking
  26. Free In-House Movies
  27. Balcony
  28. Tea/Coffee Making

The Balcony Room Standard Book

Standard rates for this room

  1. Outdoor Setting
  2. Hairdryer
  3. Small Balcony
  4. Television
  5. Verandah
  6. Oven
  7. Shower - separate
  8. Bathrobes Provided
  9. Linen and Towels Provided
  10. Microwave
  11. Queen bed
  12. Heating
  13. Stairs
  14. Toaster
  16. Fridge - Bar Fridge
  17. Balcony
  18. Kitchenette
  19. Linen provided
  20. Desk
  21. Fully equipped kitchen
  22. Barbeque
  23. Tea/Coffee Making
  24. Contemporary Interior
  25. Dining Setting
  26. Air-conditioning
  27. Iron/Ironing board
  28. CD Player
  29. Lounge Area
  30. Non-Smoking

The Asian Room Standard Book

Standard rates for this room

  1. Outdoor Setting
  2. Fridge - Bar Fridge
  3. Balcony
  4. Tea/Coffee Making
  5. Lounge Area
  6. DVD Player
  7. Fully equipped kitchen
  8. Barbeque
  9. CD Player
  10. Verandah
  11. Oven
  12. Air-conditioning
  13. Iron/Ironing board
  14. Ceiling Fans
  15. Microwave
  16. Electric Blanket
  17. Hairdryer
  18. Bathrobes Provided
  19. Television
  21. En-Suite Bathroom
  22. Shower - separate
  23. Stairs
  24. Linen and Towels Provided
  25. Dining Setting
  26. Queen bed
  27. Heating
  28. Kitchenette
  29. Linen provided
  30. Non-Smoking

Terms & Conditions

We welcome you to our home. We enjoy having guests stay with us, its fun.

Just a reminder that Beverley House is an historic Home. We hope that you have booked with us because you have a soft spot of lovely old homes…….There maybe a crack or two and it very definitely isn't shiny and new. It is decorated with lovely antiques and collectibles. My taste is quite eclectic and colorful some my feel ‘cluttered’ but I have a lot of fun collecting pieces of interest.......
..................................................Please note: WE DO NOT OFFER WIFI. Please toggle to your phone for service if using your laptop/tablet.
Beverley House has a NO CHILD/BABY Policy

Our photos are amateur not professional. Given that the photos reflect exactly how our house is; we assume that you have seen the photos and have booked with us knowing how our rooms are presented. In fact when you booked with us you have chosen your room specifically.
The very nature of our Victorian home makes it NOT suitable for guests with physical disabilities.....The stairs are the problem.
, We hope that you will have a comfortable & pleasant stay with us…..and when giving a review we hope for a pleasant one………
Beverley House is our home not a Motel/Hotel with monotone [Beige] decorating, Beverley is eclectic and interesting; we hope that you find it special.
If you have any questions or we can be of help just contact us to chat. All of our guests receive a ' welcome to Beverley house ' complimentry 'Grazing Plate' and bottle of wine when you come to stay.......We will ask you when you would like it, so nominate a prefered time/day.....For all the rooms we leave your plate on the CHIFFONIER/SIDEBOARD in the front hall [approx 3pm'ish] it will have a card on it with your Apartment name; so pick it up on your way through when you arrive home. Enjoy....

Breakfast is poached fruit in season/yogurt/milk/Orange & Apple juice/selection of 3 styles of bread, muffins etc/butter & jams. We also have a selection of dry cereals in your Apartment [Muesli, corn flakes & weet bix] . The poached fruit selection is random & seasonal… possibly Orange segments caramelized in Moroccan spices or maybe Pears poached in ginger & fennel or whole Apples poached in coconut cream & spices and stuffed with dates or perhaps Apple slices & raisins poached with cardamom, cinnamon & cumin.

We have prepared a selection of teas & coffees, biscuits etc for you to 'nibble' during your stay. If you do not like the selection we have in place ….we offer you our commiserations, but the offering is complimentary. If you would like something different please feel free to bring along an alternative you will enjoy, We really don’t mind. We however will not be altering our selection or brand of tea or coffee or biscuits. On arrival, you will find a bottle of milk to tide you over to have tea or coffee when you arrive.

Port & Chocolates - We love that you enjoy the Port & Chocolates they are so tasty these are a complementary offering to welcome you to our home but are not refillable during your stay.
Technically speaking Beverley House is 3 self-contained apartments, with the emphasis is on self-contained. We supply breakfast and the other bits and pieces because we like to. If you have SPECIAL dietary needs, in the interests of your comfort, health & wellbeing we ask that you bring along ingredients and brands you like......We don't always enjoy a large selection of 'special dietary food brands in the country.

When you arrive you will find your apartment keys in your door waiting for you. On the Keyring will be your key to the front door and key to your apartment. We provide 1 set. If a set of keys is lost the cost to have them replaced is $30.

Which Apartment will you stay in…. Whilst we make every effort to give you the Room you would like. Occasionally this isn't possible. Perhaps repairs need to be done or some other unforeseen ‘THING’ has cropped up…….. If we have other Rooms available [Please note that you may be offered an alternate room]. If you prefer not to stay with us because the room you selected is not available; that’s fine, but the full tariff for your booking is still payable. A refund will not be given as the decision not to stay with us is yours alone.......when there is obvious accommodation available. If we have no rooms available of course, you will be issued a refund.

If an overbooking has occurred we will notify you immediately…. We realise that it is a frustrating experience and we deeply regret that the situation has arisen. We will also immediately refund any monies you have paid us and we will work to find you alternate accommodation…… If none can be found again we are very sorry and can only offer our sincerest apologies…. We care deeply about the predicament and do not take it lightly……..…. perhaps you might decide to find your own alternate accommodation. Note: Any refunds can only be returned to you via the same method it was taken; via your Credit Card.

Damages - As you will have noticed Beverley House is furnished with an eclectic range of valuable antique and collectible furniture and decorative items. We really do love sharing our unique home with wonderful guests and we appreciate that accidents happen. But in saying that some damage is unfortunately because of miss use. If there is a breakage please let us know. We are for the most part understanding people……...

ON ARRIVAL we ask you to fill out a guest registration form. We understand that you have already given this but we require that this form is filled out in your own hand. This is needed to cover OH&S issues and Insurance matters [your presence/stay at our B&B].

Payment Policy

1. We require a Non Refundable Deposit of $100 per apartment to hold your booking,using a current & operating Credit card.
We accept Visa/Master Card/Debit Cards etc. Not Im afraid American Express.
When your deposit goes through we will email you your invoice . This will confirm all of your details.
2. When booking…..if you book on the behalf of your group your credit card details are used for the Room deposit/security & damage guarantee, and final Tariff. Your invoice is issued using those details, as we assume that you acknowledge in supplying your credit card details that you are happy to take responsibility for the room deposits and total of the room Tariffs owing. If Not, you will need to organise each person to ring and book separately. We however can not guarantee that the rooms you have decided on will remain available for booking if your party are 'tardy in ringing us, paying their deposit.
3. Approximately 10 days before your stay with us the remainder of the Tariff due will be charged to your credit card using the credit card information you have supplied to us [when you booked] to process the final amount. This was noted on your invoice.
4. Please note if your credit card is declined we will email you and let you know. We are happy to give you 24 hours to make other arrangements with us but after that we must cancel your booking so that we have the opportunity to obtain another booking.

Cancellation Policy

Please Update Reservation Cancellation Terms & Conditions
Note- we use 'The Square' financial system. When we charge your credit card you will receive notification promptly by text or email.
1. Up10 days before your booking with it is Cancelation with-out penalty. .
2. 10 days before your stay your credit card will be charged the final Tariff. From this point no monies will be refunded. However in certain circumstances we may agree to hold the payment over to stay at another time.
3. A ‘NO Show’ with out any notice or contact of any kind; you also will be charged the total room Tariff originally booked. The Tariff in this instance WILL NOT be held for another time.
4. If you arrive/check-in/ Occupy the room & decided not to stay, that is totally your decision but full payment is due. No refunds or hold over will be given. 5. When you book with us it is taken for granted that you have read the terms & conditions and acquainted yourself with the contents of the emails we have sent you. B&B owners are small business people who depend on bookings for their living. We do our very best to respect you and treat you well and we would appreciate the same in return.
6. If all payments are satisfied [booking deposit & final payment is deemed in place & secure] However if a payment is declined the booking is not confirmed until an accepted payment goes through to our bank account. Your Booking will be held for you for 24 hours only.
As you would appreciate we would have turned away prospective guests in accepting your booking [especially if you have booked a number of rooms]
7. Accommodation Deposit: A non refundable $100 deposit [per room] is required at the time of booking to hold your booking. This needs to be paid by Credit Card/Debit Card with approx. [several moths usage left on the card after your intended stay is a must]. This is required as a Security, Loss & damage element.
8. Your deposit of $100 held your booking until the final invoice is due for payment.
9. A change to your booking after you arrive is unfortunate; we do sympathise & we appreciate that guests health problems & emergencies/family & friend issues arise & are of importance, but we have held your booking in good faith and have turned away other guests to take your booking; ………...however the total accommodation invoice amount is due.

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