Floriana Guest House

3.5 stars
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Ground floor double Standard

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Double PLUS Sea View

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Comfort Triple Room Standard

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Seaview Studio Apartment with Balcony

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Triple Apartment with Sea Views

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Triple Apartment (No Sea View)

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Property Information

Floriana Guest House
183 Esplanade
Cairns QLD 4870 Australia

Built in 1939, Floriana Guesthouse is a blend of Maltese and Australian tropical architecture.

* Please be advised that Floriana Guest House is currently undergoing renovations and construction work outside some areas. Rooms in affected areas have reduced rates during these times. Our Pool and BBQ areas are now open. Online bookings may not reflect availability - please call us if the room you want is not listed as being available. *

Floriana is the last remaining original guesthouse on the Cairns Esplanade and the only Heritage Listed guesthouse in Cairns. Built in 1939, this relaxed older style property is popular with guests who would rather experience “real world” accommodation, rather than sleep in a concrete box - you can view the history of Floriana on the wikipedia page at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floriana,_Cairns

Floriana features 10 fully equipped and self contained, unique rooms, all with air conditioning, private bathrooms and kitchen facilities, Floriana is situated in a beautiful location directly on the Cairns Esplanade and provides an ideal location for sightseeing, adventures, family vacations, or to simply relax and rejuvenate your soul.

Property Features

  1. Guest Laundry
  2. Free WiFi
  3. Business Center
  4. Coastal Walks, Fish, Kayaking, Sailing
  5. Tour Desk
  6. Non-Smoking Rooms
  7. Business centre
  8. Disabled Access Rooms
  9. Street parking
  10. Air-Conditioning
  11. TV
  12. Coastal Bike Ride
  13. Fresh linen supplied
  14. Garden
  15. Non-Smoking Property
  16. Outdoor Swimming Pool
  17. Iron/Ironing Board
  18. Broadband Internet Access
  19. Coastal Walks
  20. BBQ Area
  21. Kitchenette
  22. WiFi Internet
  23. Library

Accommodation Details

Floriana Guest House

Ground floor double Standard

Ground floor double Standard Book

Standard rates for this room

  1. Fire alarm
  2. BBQ Area
  3. Kitchenette
  4. Disabled Room
  5. Socket near the bed
  6. Fire alarms or smoke detectors
  7. Shampoo
  8. Swimming Pool
  9. Microwave
  10. Kitchenware
  11. Private bathroom
  12. High speed wireless
  13. Lamp
  14. Electric kettle
  15. Toaster
  16. Private entrance
  17. Shower
  18. Tea/Coffee Making
  19. Non-Smoking
  20. Multiple closets
  21. Queen bed
  22. Silverware/utensils
  23. Laundry Facilities
  24. Outdoor Setting
  25. Walk in shower
  26. Fridge
  27. Sink in-room
  28. Linen
  29. Family/oversized room
  30. Entire property on ground floor
  31. Fridge - Fullsize
  32. Smoke detectors
  33. Linen and Towels Provided
  34. Fan
  35. Water closet
  36. Air conditioned
  37. Iron
  38. Cups/glassware
  39. Plates and bowls
  40. Outdoor furniture
  41. Air-conditioning
  42. Closets in room
  43. Linen provided
  44. Plates/glassware
  45. Outdoor space
  46. Room Safe
  47. Storage space
  48. Towels
  49. Bathroom
  50. Wireless Internet
  51. Salt-water pool
  52. Kitchen supplies
  53. TV
  54. Ceiling Fans
  55. Fan Cooled
  56. Handicap Accessible

Floriana Guest House

Double PLUS Sea View

Double PLUS Sea View Book

Standard rates for this room

  1. Fire alarm
  2. Single Bed
  3. Non-Smoking
  4. Plates/glassware
  5. BBQ Area
  6. Fire alarm with light
  7. Sink in-room
  8. Wooden/Parquet floor
  9. Separate tub or shower
  10. Outdoor furniture
  11. Fire alarms or smoke detectors
  12. Kitchen supplies
  13. Fan
  14. High speed internet connection
  15. Fridge
  16. Fire extinguishers
  17. Lamp
  18. Room Safe
  19. Shampoo
  20. Barbeque
  21. Private curtain
  22. Tea/Coffee Making
  23. Room windows open
  24. High speed wireless
  25. Separate toilet area
  26. Quiet street view
  27. Laundry Facilities
  28. Hairdryer
  29. Body soap
  30. Shower only
  31. Fridge - Bar Fridge
  32. Television
  33. Smoke detectors
  34. Silverware/utensils
  35. Socket near the bed
  36. Air conditioned
  37. Linen and Towels Provided
  38. Internet Access
  39. Ceiling Fans
  40. Stairs
  41. Remote control television
  42. Linen provided
  43. Linen
  44. Closets in room
  45. Kitchenette
  46. Air-conditioning
  47. Toaster
  48. Cups/glassware
  49. Conditioner
  50. Swimming Pool
  51. Alarm Clock
  52. Desk
  53. Dish-cleaning supplies
  54. Double Bed
  55. Complimentary high speed internet in room
  56. Sea View
  57. Towels
  58. Microwave
  59. Electric kettle
  60. Outdoor Setting
  61. High ceilings
  62. TV
  63. Ocean view
  64. Wireless Internet
  65. Outdoor space
  66. Shower
  67. Mini Fridge
  68. Water closet
  69. Walk in shower
  70. Fan Cooled
  71. Board games/puzzles
  73. Plates and bowls
  74. Salt-water pool
  75. En-Suite Bathroom

Floriana Guest House

Comfort Triple Room Standard

Comfort Triple Room Standard Book

** REDUCED PRICE DUE TO CONSTRUCTION ** This reduced rate is provided whilst construction is ongoing only.

  1. Fire alarm
  2. Single Bed
  3. Sink in-room
  4. Plates/glassware
  5. Laundry Facilities
  6. Fire alarms or smoke detectors
  7. Ceiling Fans
  8. Smart TV
  9. Fire alarm with light
  10. Linen provided
  11. Private bathroom
  12. Kitchenette
  13. Iron
  14. Fire extinguishers
  15. Wooden/Parquet floor
  16. Air conditioned
  17. Tea/Coffee Making
  18. Closets in room
  19. Fridge
  20. Hairdryer
  21. Remote control television
  22. Cups/glassware
  23. Conditioner
  24. Reading light
  25. Electric kettle
  26. Air-conditioning
  27. Toaster
  28. Television
  29. Fridge - Bar Fridge
  30. Complimentary high speed internet in room
  31. Alarm Clock
  32. Towels
  33. Linen
  34. Room windows open
  35. Double Bed
  36. Room Safe
  37. Water closet
  38. Linen and Towels Provided
  39. Separate toilet area
  40. Salt-water pool
  41. Bath
  42. Wireless Internet
  43. TV
  44. Silverware/utensils
  45. BBQ Area
  46. Bathroom
  47. Fan
  48. Dish-cleaning supplies
  49. Smoke detectors
  50. Outdoor furniture
  51. Separate closet
  52. Shampoo
  53. Microwave
  54. Socket near the bed
  55. Barbeque
  56. High ceilings
  57. Shower
  58. Non-Smoking
  59. Storage space
  60. Swimming Pool
  61. High speed internet connection
  62. Shower over bath
  63. Plates and bowls
  64. Lamp
  65. Family/oversized room
  66. High speed wireless

Floriana Guest House

Seaview Studio Apartment with Balcony

Seaview Studio Apartment with Balcony Book

  1. Sea View
  2. Laundry Facilities
  3. Kitchen
  4. Fire extinguishers
  5. Salt-water pool
  6. Fridge - Bar Fridge
  7. Linen and Towels Provided
  8. Storage space
  9. Room Safe
  10. BBQ Area
  11. Air-conditioning
  12. Fan
  13. Stove top
  14. Single Bed
  15. Outdoor furniture
  16. Shower - separate
  17. Pots and pans
  18. Complimentary high speed internet in room
  19. Internet Access
  20. Full kitchen
  21. Hairdryer
  22. Private bathroom
  23. Linen
  24. Clothes drying rack
  25. Rollaway Beds Available
  26. Balcony
  27. Fridge
  28. Cups/glassware
  29. Linen provided
  30. Seating area with sofa/chair
  31. Television
  32. Remote control television
  33. Towels
  34. Lounge Area
  35. Separate toilet area
  36. Toaster
  37. Room windows open
  38. TV
  39. Dining Area
  40. Shower only
  41. Alarm Clock
  42. Barbeque
  43. Microwave
  45. Small Balcony
  46. Queen bed
  47. High ceilings
  48. Electric kettle
  49. Wine glasses
  50. Clothes Rack
  51. Air conditioned
  52. High speed internet connection
  53. Non-Smoking
  54. Fan Cooled
  55. Swimming Pool
  56. Bathroom
  57. High speed wireless
  58. Ocean view
  59. Shampoo
  60. Dish-cleaning supplies
  61. Separate closet
  62. Shower
  63. Wireless Internet
  64. Body soap
  65. Walk in shower
  66. Silverware/utensils
  67. Sink in-room
  68. Family/oversized room
  69. Hob
  70. Walk-in closet
  71. Kitchen supplies
  72. Sitting area
  73. Wooden/Parquet floor
  74. Closets in room
  75. En-Suite Bathroom
  76. Kitchenette
  77. Smoke detectors
  78. Fire alarm
  79. Conditioner
  80. Water closet
  81. Kitchenware
  82. Ceiling Fans
  83. Fire alarm with light
  84. Plates and bowls
  85. Outdoor Setting
  86. Lamp
  87. Socket near the bed
  88. Fire alarms or smoke detectors
  89. Plates/glassware
  90. Outdoor space
  91. Tea/Coffee Making
  92. Iron

Floriana Guest House

Triple Apartment with Sea Views

Triple Apartment with Sea Views Book

  1. Plates and bowls
  2. Tea/Coffee Making
  3. Kitchen supplies
  4. Sitting area
  5. Seating area with sofa/chair
  6. Fire alarm
  7. Television
  8. Stove top
  9. Cups/glassware
  10. Hob
  11. Plates/glassware
  12. Linen and Towels Provided
  13. Kitchenette
  14. Desk
  15. Kitchen
  16. Fire alarms or smoke detectors
  17. Linen provided
  18. Kitchenware
  19. Lounge Area
  20. Mini Fridge
  21. Private bathroom
  22. Towels
  23. Complimentary high speed internet in room
  24. Dining room seats
  25. Ocean view
  26. Air conditioned
  27. TV
  28. Laundry Facilities
  29. Dish-cleaning supplies
  30. Salt-water pool
  31. Air-conditioning
  32. Non-Smoking
  33. Linen
  34. Fan Cooled
  35. BBQ Area
  36. Hairdryer
  37. Family/oversized room
  38. Toaster
  39. Shampoo
  40. Outdoor furniture
  41. Bathroom
  42. Fan
  43. Dining Setting
  44. Body soap
  45. Fridge - Fullsize
  46. Separate closet
  47. Fire alarm with light
  48. Microwave
  49. Silverware/utensils
  50. Full kitchen
  51. Separate toilet area
  52. Fire extinguishers
  54. Socket near the bed
  55. Barbeque
  56. High speed internet connection
  57. Queen bed
  58. Electric kettle
  59. Closets in room
  60. Swimming Pool
  61. High speed wireless
  62. Fridge
  63. Wireless Internet
  64. Clothes drying rack
  65. Walk in shower
  66. Shower
  67. Reading light
  68. Wooden/Parquet floor
  69. Conditioner
  70. En-Suite Bathroom
  71. Smoke detectors
  72. Remote control television
  73. Sea View
  74. Dining Area
  75. Water closet
  76. Internet Access
  77. High ceilings
  78. Pots and pans
  79. Wine glasses
  80. Outdoor Setting
  81. Storage space
  82. Ceiling Fans
  83. Single Bed
  84. Room windows open
  85. Outdoor space
  86. Lamp
  87. Iron

Floriana Guest House

Triple Apartment (No Sea View)

Triple Apartment (No Sea View) Book

Standard rates for this room

  1. Air-conditioning
  2. Wireless Internet
  3. Shower
  4. TV
  5. Shampoo
  6. Alarm Clock
  7. Fan
  8. Single Bed
  9. Microwave
  10. Body soap
  11. Television
  12. Fire alarm
  13. Smoke detectors
  14. Electric kettle
  15. Sitting area
  16. Toaster
  17. Fire alarm with light
  18. Internet Access
  19. Non-Smoking
  20. Storage space
  21. Queen bed
  22. Fire alarms or smoke detectors
  23. Socket near the bed
  24. Family/oversized room
  25. Conditioner
  26. Room Safe
  27. Fire extinguishers
  28. Iron
  29. Plates and bowls
  30. Dish-cleaning supplies
  31. Hairdryer
  32. Pots and pans
  33. Kitchen supplies
  34. Plates/glassware
  35. Fan Cooled
  36. Bathroom
  37. Private bathroom
  38. Swimming Pool
  39. Fridge - Fullsize
  40. Kitchen
  41. High ceilings
  42. Fridge
  43. Laundry Facilities
  44. Remote control television
  45. Salt-water pool
  46. Ceiling Fans
  47. Reading light
  48. Linen
  49. Silverware/utensils
  50. BBQ Area
  51. Kitchenette
  52. Air conditioned
  53. Linen provided
  54. Stove top
  55. Outdoor furniture
  56. Kitchenware
  57. Room windows open
  58. Towels
  59. Complimentary high speed internet in room
  60. Barbeque
  61. Lamp
  62. Separate closet
  63. Dining Area
  64. Cups/glassware
  65. Hob
  66. Tea/Coffee Making
  67. High speed internet connection
  68. Dining room seats
  69. Wooden/Parquet floor
  70. Water closet
  71. Linen and Towels Provided
  72. High speed wireless

Terms & Conditions

Please note that there may be renovation or construction work taking place during your stay. No work will take place on weekends or public holidays. Work will only take place during reasonable times, and should cause minimal disruption to guests.

If you are concerned about possible impact on your booking, please contact us via email for further information. Room rates on dates that may be impacted have already been reduced from our normal room rates - even if there is no noise, we love to keep our guests happy! Please be advised that standard cancellation policies do and will apply for all bookings.

As with all commercial accommodation, we are required to verify the identity of guests. We do this electronically prior to your arrival, to help fast track things, and make your travel more the enjoyable experience it should be. We will contact you on the day of your stay should your ID verification not have been completed. As per payment policy, be advised that bookings that remain unpaid may be cancelled at any time without notification. Should you have any queries or concerns, please dont hesitate to contact us directly :)

By booking, you and all persons in your booking agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of stay (Also known as house rules). These are provided here, on our website, and in printed form in all rooms.

Additional guests / visitors
As a small hotel visitors of guests are not permitted to attend the premises or use the facilities. All persons on the property over the age of 18 must be named in a booking, without exception.

Check-in & Check-out
Check-in time is from 2pm on the day of arrival. Early check-in can be arranged on the day, subject to room availability. Should you be arriving after 5pm, please contact reservations before 12pm on the day of your arrival to arrange pick up of key after hours.

Check-out is at 10am on the day of departure, late check-outs may be possible, subject to availability. Additional fees may be applied, and additional rates may apply should you not check out per your arranged time.

Coin operated laundry facilities are available at the property - $3 per wash, $3 per dry cycle.

Lost key policy - Keys are provided with an electronic gate access tag. Should keys be lost or not returned, the guest is responsible in full for costs of the re-keying of the required locks, and such costs will be applied to your account.

No Party Policy
Floriana Guest House has a strict no party policy. In the event that any room/guest is identified as having a party, the guest house reserves the right to immediately request all occupants of the room up to, and including, the guest who has registered for the room to vacate the premises. In the event that an eviction does occur, the accommodation is non refundable.

Children, Babies & Extra Beds
Children are welcome at Floriana Guest House, however, please note children's cots are not available. Children under 16y stay free of charge, when using the provided beds. Additional beds are available, however must be booked separately (are limited in availability) and incur additional cost. Due to insurance requirements, children and guests are not permitted to sleep on bay window seats, etc. The maximum number of extra beds in a room is 1. The number of people occupying the room to not to exceed the number of people the beds are provided for. Additional beds are not able to be added to all rooms, due to size restrictions.

Booking Terms & Conditions
- Prices are valid for the dates indicated. All costs are shown in Australian Dollars (AUD), and include GST (Goods and Services Tax) where applicable. Where a price discrepancy occur, the price indicated on our system is the set price for the room, regardless of a price offered or preferred by another party or website. Our standard payment and cancellation policies apply to all bookings. We take no responsibility for the information provided by other parties, websites or services, such as indication of facilities that we do not offer.
- The guest house room must not be used for any unlawful purposes. No person on the premises shall be guilty of conduct that is a nuisance to adjoining or neighbouring occupiers. The rules and regulations of the complex and any reasonable direction of the manager must be complied with. The guest house room must be vacated if, after receiving a warning, any guest fails to comply.
- Management reserves the right to terminate any booking prior to or after check in. Should management terminate a stay no refunds will be offered or given.
- All guests must complete a mandated ID verification process prior to arrival, including the prevision of photo ID.
- The primary guest verifies that they are the legitimate card holder of the card details on record, and agree that any subsequent charges will be charged against that card without notification.
- Should the guest house room not be left in a reasonable clean and tidy state, any cleaning costs above and beyond the normal will be charged to the guest.
- Should you require daily servicing there is a fee of $25 per service. Service includes fresh towels, consumables and removal of rubbish. Additional towels or linen is not provided outside of the above servicing rate, with exception of bookings in excess of 7 days.
- We provide a free room servicing on the 7th day of a booking, including fresh linen, towels, pillowcases etc.
- All breakages and losses to the property are to be reported to the manager and paid for by the guest. The guest will be liable for payment of any charges incurred by any guest together with all replacements and necessary costs for any damage or loss to the guest house room and its contents.
- No smoking is permitted in the guest house, rooms, verandas, balconies and / or shared areas. Smoking in rooms or other areas of the property will result in a $200 charge. Any additional costs incurred, eg accidental fire brigade call out due to smoking activating fire alarms will be passed on to, and paid for by the responsible guest.
- No animals or pets to be brought onto the property.

All of your details are kept private and confidential. No personal details will be published to outside agencies. Floriana Guest House will use the information to execute your reservation using Floriana Guest House affiliate offices or selected office/region of your reservation in order to be executed. Floriana Guest House does not keep credit card details from any transaction. All credit card transactions are conducted directed directly through the DPS gateway and are secured using the industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.
Customer credit card and personal details are encrypted when transferred over the internet.

The company will be collecting information from you by various means i.e. completing any form issued by the company, or publication on its website, or in electronic, written or verbal format. Forms such as change of address forms are also deemed “Collecting information”. Where your personal information needs to be discussed, the company will seek to ensure the information is held, used or disclosed with the National Privacy Principles and other applicable privacy laws and codes. You information could be disclosed in the following, but not limited to or governed by the Information Principles of the Privacy Act 1988.

DPS Privacy Policy

Payment Policy

Full payment is due at the time of booking. Should payment not be completed, your booking may be cancelled without notice at any time.

Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that in most cases you will need to cancel your reservation using the booking agent or site through which you made the reservation.

For cancellations received 14 days or more prior to the booked arrival date, the booking will be refunded in full minus a $25 administration fee.

For cancellations received 7 days or less prior to the booked arrival date, will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

For cancellations received 72 hours or less prior to the booked arrival date, no refund will be given.

Should you need to check out earlier than originally booked please note there is no refund for early departures.

All cancellation requests must be received in writing, and will not be deemed to have been received until you receive a written confirmation from Floriana Guest House.

No shows or failure to cancel a reservation will result in a 100% cancellation fee.

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