Freycinet Resort

4.0 stars
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Property Information

Freycinet Resort
+61 3 6287 6345
+61 408 504 414
1819 Coles Bay Road
Coles Bay TAS 7215 Australia

Nestled in thick forest on the side of Mount Paul, a 1200 acre "Land for Wildlife" private land surrounded by protected National Park land, Freycinet Resort (previously known as Freycinet Retreat) offers a private, peaceful and luxurious experience. As the only accommodation on the mountain, we are able to offer unparalleled 360-degree views that encompass The Hazards, Friendly Beaches, Great Oyster Bay and the Tasman Sea. We invite you to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in the spectacular wilderness of Tasmania’s East Coast.

Property Features

  1. Non-Smoking Property
  2. Non-Smoking Rooms
  3. Fresh linen supplied
  4. Garden
  5. Free Parking
  6. Iron/Ironing Board
  7. Broadband Internet Access
  8. Children Play Area
  9. WiFi Internet
  10. Viewpoint
  11. BBQ Area
  12. Terrace
  13. Free WiFi

Accommodation Details

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all bookings for the provision of accommodation made with Freycinet Resort, either directly or via a third party. By making a booking for accommodation, guests warrant that they have read these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them subject to such changes as are notified to them. If the booking for accommodation is made through a third party, the terms and conditions of that third party also apply.

All accommodation is provided subject to availability.
Rates are per unit, per night based on two-person occupancy. The Ocean View Studio at Freycinet Resort is set-up for a maximum number of two adults or one adult with one child (stay on existing bedding, extra bed/cot is not available) in each unit, and the Hazard View Retreat is set-up for a maximum number of three adults or two adults with one child in each unit.. If your party consists of a greater number than has been allowed for in the booking, then we reserve the right to immediately cancel the booking, with any refund being at our discretion.
All cabins at Freycinet Resort are not suitable for infants or children under the age of 4 years. If you bring any children or infants under the age of 4 years, then we reserve the right to immediately cancel the booking with any refund being at our discretion.
By providing credit card details, you warrant they have the authority to use the credit card and authorise Freycinet Resort to charge the cost of your booking(s) to that credit card.

You acknowledge that all cabins at Freycinet Resort are not suitable for infants or children under the age of 4 years – if you ignore this policy and fail to provide accurate group information, we reserve the right to ask you to leave Freycinet Resort and no refund will be payable to you.

Due to our location beside the Coles Bay Conservative Area, smoking is prohibited across the entire Freycinet Resort site. The smoke-free zone begins at the gate on Coles Bay Road. We reserve the right to ask any guest who breaks this rule to leave Freycinet Resort immediately without refund.

1. We will do our best to ensure Freycinet Resort is safe and provides you with a pleasant experience. However, you are in a remote, natural environment with inherent risks which cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of Freycinet Resort. Ultimately, your choice to stay at Freycinet Resort has been partly driven by these natural values and the subsequent satisfaction to be gained from being in the wild.
2. We have a range of walks and trails on offer for our guests, however it is your responsibility to choose activities which are matched with your ability and fitness. During your stay you must be prepared for unstable surfaces, steep ascents and descents, difficult terrain and encounters with native animals. Due to Freycinet Resort’s remoteness it may be difficult for you to receive medical assistance if this is required.
3. When enjoying our tracks and trails you should wear sturdy hiking shoes, take water and drink regularly, wear a hat and apply sunscreen. Stay on formed tracks and trails at all times and avoid walking alone – let a friend know your plans. Take only photographs and leave only footprints – don’t disturb the natural environment and carry out what you carry in.
4. Weather conditions in Tasmania can change quickly. Rain, wind and sun are all possible at any time of the year and so you should always check the weather forecast before exploring our tracks and trails. Bushfires can occur in warmer months and so do not drop cigarette butts or matches.
5. Look out for snakes, and do not feed the wallabies, birds or other wildlife. “People” food isn’t good for animals and, for wallabies in particular, too much soft food can lead to a disease called Lumpy Jaw – a serious bacterial infection of the jaw. Feeding also trains animals to see people as a source of food. This can cause them to abandon their natural habitats and increase their risk of injury from cars and other vehicles.

All third-party bookings, coupons and vouchers are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the third party.
Freycinet Resort is not liable or responsible for any error or amendment made by the third-party provider following acceptance of booking by them.
Freycinet Resort is not responsible for accuracy of information, statements or representations made by third parties and as such is not liable for any act or omission, default or negligence of the third-party provider.

For the safety of all guests, as a condition of entry to Freycinet Resort, all guests are required to allow us to take their temperature upon check-in. We reserve the right to refuse entry to guests with an abnormal temperature or to guests displaying any signs of illness. Guests who display signs of illness during their stay may be required to leave Freycinet Resort.
You must comply with our COVID-19 plans and procedures during your stay, including adhering to social distancing and hand washing or sanitisation requirements.
You should consider downloading the COVID-Safe app.

Many thanks.

Payment Policy

We do not accept any cash payments due to safety and service concerns in remote location.

We do accept Visa and MasterCard. (The name on the credit card must match the name on the reservation. If the name on the card does not match, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.)

Personal cheques are NOT accepted as a method of payment on check out.

***Please note that a credit card surcharge applies

Cancellation Policy

To confirm your booking, we ask for payment in full at the time of booking, if you cancel your booking the following charges will apply in relation to each room you have booked:

- Up to 31 days prior to your scheduled check-in time: No cancellation fee will be applied and any deposit you have paid for your booking will be returned;

- Within 30 days (including 30 days) of your scheduled check-in time: a 100% cancellation fee will apply (no refund payable);

- If you do not show up for your booking or terminate your booking early after you have checked in you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee (no refund payable).

Freycinet Resort reserves the right to cancel a booking for whatever reason. Should this occur then the deposit and/or booking fee will be fully refunded.

Freycinet Resort is not liable for any consequential loss to you as a result of that cancellation, and our liability is limited to the amount paid by you to Freycinet Resort for the cancelled booking.

Freycinet Resort is not responsible for damages or compensation for cancellation or shortening of a booking in circumstances which are due to an event beyond our control (or a “force majeure”-type event). If you believe that there is a possibility that you might cancel or shorten your booking, for whatever reason, then you should seek advice about obtaining your own cancellation insurance.

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