Sambar Hills

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#3 Kings

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Book $ 300 300 300 Sold Sold 350 300 Sold Sold 300 Sold Sold 350 300

#1 River

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Book $ 300 300 300 Sold Sold 350 300 300 300 300 Sold Sold 350 300

#2 Vines

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Property Information

Sambar Hills
1150 Upper King River Road
Cheshunt South VIC 3678 Australia

Sambar Hills is a boutique vineyard offering an all round luxurious country experience in the King Valley. Nestled amongst towering gum trees and the iconic Australian bush land you will never want to leave.

Property Features

  1. Non-Smoking Rooms
  2. Fresh linen supplied
  3. Coffee Maker
  4. Non-Smoking Property
  5. Air Conditioning
  6. BBQ Area
  7. Kitchenette
  8. Free Parking
  9. Free WiFi
  10. Iron/Ironing Board
  11. TV
  12. Fire Place
  13. Air-Conditioning

Accommodation Details

Sambar Hills

#3 Kings

#3 Kings Book

Our Kings Suite, #3, is the closest to our mountain bush-line, furthest from the road. It has a slightly higher elevation, and has exceptional views of both vineyard and lagoon below and gorgeous towering gum trees surrounding us. It is equip with an indoor fireplace, and deep soaking body bath.

  1. Shower - separate
  2. Internet Access
  3. Fire extinguishers
  4. Slippers
  5. Lounge Area
  6. Bath
  7. Kitchenette
  8. Fire Pit
  9. Smoke detectors
  10. Microwave
  11. Linen and Towels Provided
  12. Mini Fridge
  13. Free Toiletries
  14. Ceiling Fans
  15. Mountain View
  16. 1 King / 1 Queen Bed
  18. Hairdryer
  19. Iron/Ironing board
  20. Espresso Machine
  21. Air-conditioning
  22. Electric kettle
  23. Heating
  24. Complimentary toiletries
  25. Outdoor furniture
  26. Barbeque
  27. Non-Smoking
  28. Shower
  29. Tea/Coffee Maker
  30. Outdoor space
  31. Bathrobes Provided
  32. Plates and bowls
  33. Bottled water
  34. Television
  35. Wine glasses
  36. Bathroom amenities
  37. Plates/glassware
  38. Silverware/utensils
  39. Toaster
  40. Wine/Champagne
  41. Instant hot water

Sambar Hills

#1 River

#1 River Book

Our River Suite, #1 has the largest view of vineyard, and aptly named for its proximity to the King River. It is the first guest from our driveway. It includes an indoor fireplace as well as a deep soaking bath.

  1. Bath
  2. Air conditioned
  3. Ceiling Fans
  4. Lounge Area
  5. Outdoor furniture
  6. Linen and Towels Provided
  7. Barbeque
  8. Iron/Ironing board
  9. Microwave
  10. Outdoor space
  11. 1 King / 1 Queen Bed
  12. Bathrobes Provided
  13. Kitchenette
  14. Mini Fridge
  15. Wine glasses
  16. Plates and bowls
  17. Heating
  18. Complimentary toiletries
  19. Mountain View
  20. Wine/Champagne
  21. Plates/glassware
  22. Bottled water
  23. Tea/Coffee Maker
  24. Electric kettle
  25. Hairdryer
  26. Fire extinguishers
  27. Instant hot water
  28. Television
  29. Non-Smoking
  30. Shower
  31. Fire Pit
  32. Slippers
  33. Toaster
  34. Espresso Machine
  35. Silverware/utensils
  36. Free Toiletries
  37. Smoke detectors

Sambar Hills

#2 Vines

#2 Vines Book

Our #2 Vines Suite, has a stunning view of the vineyard below, framed by native trees. It also offers both indoor fire place and deep soaking bath.

  1. Bath
  2. Hairdryer
  3. Lounge Area
  4. Outdoor space
  5. Shower
  6. Linen and Towels Provided
  7. Bottled water
  8. Dish-cleaning supplies
  9. Wine glasses
  10. Slippers
  11. 1 King / 1 Queen Bed
  12. Silverware/utensils
  13. Microwave
  14. Wine/Champagne
  15. Smoke detectors
  16. Fire extinguishers
  17. Instant hot water
  18. Mountain View
  19. Plates and bowls
  20. Ceiling Fans
  21. Fire Pit
  22. Kitchenette
  23. Electric kettle
  24. Plates/glassware
  25. Iron/Ironing board
  26. Free Toiletries
  27. Complimentary toiletries
  28. Non-Smoking
  29. Air conditioned
  30. Television
  31. Barbeque
  32. Tea/Coffee Maker
  33. Espresso Machine
  34. Heating
  35. Mini Fridge
  36. Bathrobes Provided
  37. Toaster
  38. Outdoor Setting

Terms & Conditions

GENERAL INFORMATION Please read carefully and sign below agreeing to the Terms and
Conditions of this agreement.
Thankyou for choosing to stay with “Sambar Hills”
Self Contained Cabin Stay
“Luxurious Queen room with panoramic views of the mountains and vineyard, with open
ensuite to master room. Adjoining lounge and kitchenette with alfresco deck extending
from the main entry, equip with private use of gas BBQ cooking facilities. Designed for
couples, however can sleep additional occupants on the fold out lounge- Max # guests 4”
Bookings: A booking will not be confirmed until we have received a deposit and a copy of the signed
agreement. All transactions will be done in Australian dollars.
Guest numbers: See property information for maximum guest numbers, a full guest list must be
provided and not to exceed the maximum number of guests allowed. (sleeps #2 comfortably, but can
accommodate 4 persons)
Rates: See property information or contact Sambar Hills
Party Policy: Zero Tolerance. NOTE: Sambar Hills follows best practice policies to ensure
the properties we represent for short term accommodation are safe, secure and protected – and not
damaged. As these properties are not in commercial areas Government regulators and Councils also
have strict rules and requirements for holiday letting and will prosecute those who book properties for
holiday/short term who don’t abide by the short term holiday letting regulations. Reasons such as:
noise, disturbance, parties and overcrowding etc... Sambar Hills represent the luxury end of
the short term holiday letting market and we have fair, yet strict guidelines also. We require an
undertaking from guests and clients who book for short term ‘accommodation only’ not to have
parties, events or gatherings and give an assurance that the property rented is for the use of
registered guests and for the use of those people. A day/evening visit/luncheon/dinner by a few
friends is fine if confirmed with Sambar Hills team in advance.
Party/Disturbance Procedures: In the event an unsolicited event/party ensues at Sambar Hills managed
property, then the procedure is as follows: Our Concierges will attend first and if
the issue is not resolved attend again immediately (at your cost) and attempt to resolve the concern. If a
resolution is not forthcoming they will request immediate eviction as per this agreement. If this is met
with resistance the Concierges are instructed to call Private Security (at your cost for a minimum of
4hrs for 2x Security Personal). Our Private Security team will secure the premises, safeguard from
damage and remain indefinitely or until the property is secure (this is at the Security/Caretaker’s
discretion). The Police will also be called and if Councils are alerted further fines to you may arise. By
agreeing to these Terms and Conditions below you agree to this procedure and all costs being as set
out in clause 13. As explained above, this costly, zero tolerance approach is necessary to protect our
homes. We are not unreasonable and encourage guests to talk to us if they are concerned –
communication can solve anything. We know that 99.9% of our guests are respectful and responsible
people who simply wish to unwind in comfort and enjoy their holiday – this is what we strive to
provide. Please, if in doubt, talk to us as these measures are not designed to prevent our guests from
the normal, relaxing use of a holiday home – only to prevent those who believe having a party is
1 of 5acceptable. This includes and extends to loud music being played. Feel free to play your own music, but if it
exceeds a comfortable level, whereby people are unable to have a conversation, then the music may be
turned off and ultimately confiscated. Again, we understand the need to relax and unwind, but we also need
to respect fellow guests. Music around campfires should be turned off at 2300.
Welcome: We welcome you to this beautiful property where guests can relax and unwind in comfort
and luxury. Sambar Hills strives to ensure that each and every guest enjoys an experience
beyond their expectations; if you have any special requests please don’t hesitate in contacting us. We
ask that you please read and abide by the terms and conditions (especially our strictly enforced ‘no
party policy’) We ask guests to show the upmost care and responsibility as it is expected that the
property and furnishings be returned in the exact same condition at the end of a stay as at the
beginning. Before booking please understand it is a requirement that any damage and/or accidents,
unintentional or otherwise, are a responsibility of the guest and that the guest will meet these costs,
small or large. Given its definition we do accept that accidents may occur but any accident is the
responsibility of the guest. Of course Sambar Hills will always go above and beyond to
repair/replace by the most cost effective means in which to restore the
property to the same condition as it was before the guest took occupancy. On arrival you will find the
key in the entry door, open, ready for your stay. Please leave key on the coffee table upon check out.
It is important that guests choose a property to suit their expectations whilst knowing ours, it is our
expectation that our properties are solely used for quiet holiday purposes and that guests understand their
responsibilities before booking. Of course if there are any questions, please ask and we will be more than
happy to explain to ensure you experience your perfect getaway. We thank you and look forward to
welcoming you soon.
The booking will be confirmed on receipt of full cleared payment and the
relevant box is ticked and the agreement signed accepting the Terms and Conditions. The person
who has made the booking must be the same person changing or cancelling the booking and
coordinating payment – we accept EFT. All transactions will be done in Australian dollars.
2. Payment Method and Bond: EFT.
All rent monies received will be deposited into a legislated Trust account with WESTPAC and held until
contract termination. Trust accounts do not accrue interest. Where applicable.
A security bond will be paid by the tenants and held by the Managing Agent until expiration of this
Tenancy, Your bond will be forfeited on breach of this agreement, in addition to damages rectification,
or will be kept after vacating the property until such point that the property is inspected and cleared of
damage. In the event that repairs are to be made the bond will be kept indefinitely until such point as
repairs can be assessed and made. The bond will be kept until the damage is resolved, at which point
the money will either be in full or part refunded to the guest or in full or part paid to the owner of the
property for the damage caused. Further payments may be required if there is loss or damage
exceeding this amount. Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of this agreement gives Sambar Hills
permission to deposit these monies into a Trust account and, at the conclusion of this
contract, direct monies to be paid to the owner of the property, less commissions, paid to Sambar Hills and
agents where applicable. Any bond claim will also be subject to a $50 per hour
administration charge.
3. Conditions & Cancellations:
For cancellations inside 30 days from the date of arrival, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total booking
will apply unless the property is rebooked for the same period and cost. For cancellations made inside
7 days from date of arrival no refund will be given unless property re-booked for same period and
cost. No refund for no show or early check out.
Where applicable, a security deposit (bond) of $250.00 is required 7 days prior to arrival to cover any
additional costs including any breakage damage or excess cleaning requirements which occur due to the
guests occupying the premises. Where applicable, the bond is payable a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival.
A full refund via the same payment method (direct deposit refund) will be actioned after the property
has been vacated inspected and deemed to be in the same condition as it was prior to the holiday
2 of 54. House Manager:
The person signing this confirmation will be designated as the house manager and will be nominated as the
primary contact. The house manager must be 18 years of age or older, warrants that he/she is authorised to
agree to this agreement on behalf of all occupants and takes full responsibility to ensure that all occupants
(and any guests or invitees of such occupants) understand and agree to this agreement. A mobile phone
number must be provided and be contactable when occupying the property 24/7 for security purposes.
5. Property Usage:
The property is to be used for short term residential accommodation (holiday letting) only. The property may
not be used for any commercial purpose, wedding, party, gathering or any other function. Also see clause 13
below. Please be advised that if occupants are found to be shooting without permission, heavy penalties will
apply and police will be called. There is to be strictly no hunting, or guns, on the property.
6. Check-In, Check-Out & Keys: Check-in is from 3pm onwards and check-out is 10am. Our
property Guest key will be available from this time.
We require your arrival time as cleaning may be preceding early arrivals.
Please contact the caretaker the day before your arrival to confirm your arrival time if you wish an
early arrival. It is best to contact the day before your booking, early arrivals cannot be granted outside
of this (as we might have a booking before you). Same policy for late check-outs, we will happily grant
a late check-out unless we have an arrival on your departure day and the property needs to be
cleaned. An earlier check and late check is not available during the peak summer season.
7. Telephone & Internet: We have seen a new communications tower erected in the area on the 3rd June
2020. However, as it is new, different service providers may not communicate through this tower. Telstra
mobile and data service operates in the area to Lake William Hovel- As per Telstra information. If for
whatever reason you don't not have mobile reception, and is an emergency, then please see Sally or Jamie
at the homestead for internet or phone usage. Otherwise, enjoy being off the grid and time out form screens
and devices.
8. Parking: Refer to property. Please use the on site parking. There is a shared driveway that leads to each
cabin. Follow the road to the designated cabin and park in the turnout bay provided. be mindful when using
the driveway and limit speed to 10km/hr.
9. Housekeeping & Maintenance: There is a cleaning charge for each property, this includes all
general cleaning but not extraordinary cleaning if the home is left extra-ordinarily unclean. Extra
services can be arranged for an additional fee. On arrival and in the unlikely event the property
requires further housekeeping or if there is a minor maintenance issue, please inform us immediately.
They will co-ordinate the appropriate person to fix the problem as soon as practically possible.
10. Garbage Removal & Cleaning: The occupants are required to leave the property in the same
clean, neat and tidy condition, as it was when they arrived. This includes, without limitation, washing
up, fridge cleaned out, BBQ cleaned and rubbish to be placed in appropriate bins provided on
vacating the property. If additional extra-ordinary cleaning is required the cost will be charged against
your security bond. In an attempt to keep rates low we only have provision for rubbish for the
household bins, any additional rubbish can either be removed by the guest (our recommendation) or,
if additional extra-ordinary rubbish is left behind, we will organise for our contractor
Wangaratta City Council to collect and dispose, at the guest’s expense.
11. Smoking & Pets: There is strictly no smoking inside the property and we ask also you to leave
your pets at home as they are not permitted. We do not have the required fencing or infrastructure to keep
dogs and pets safe and enclosed throughout your stay.
12. Loss, Damage or Injury: Sambar Hills, the owner and their respective employees and
agents, take no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage of any property, or personal injury or
death, of any occupant, guest or invitee of any such occupant and they each exclude all liability to the
maximum extent permitted by law. The occupants acknowledge the environment in which the property
is located and must take extreme care including, without limitation, observing safety signage, fire and
safety directions and procedures and exercise caution whilst inside and when venturing outside the
property. Occupants must report breakages immediately (or as soon as practical) and are responsible
for loss or damage of property belonging to them, or their guests, and for the damage or loss of
3 of 5property belonging to the property during their stay. Your security bond will be kept for 12 working
days after your vacating the property for this purpose. We recommend travel/health insurance as
security for the event of accident, sickness or cancellation caused by unforeseen circumstances such
as transport problems or illness. Please be aware of any surrounding natural bush land and there may
be dangerous snakes, spiders and other animals and bugs including ticks from time to time at some
locations. If you are sensitive, please insure you use an insect repellent and wear covered shoes if
you are bush walking. Please stick to the designated walking trail on the property and keep inside the fenced
areas. We do have live stock, and like all animals can be unpredictable and need to precede with caution.
We do not condone entering fenced or restricted areas.
In Bush fire prone seasons, we will implement a Total Fire Ban where necessary which would mean the total
BAN on lighting fires at all. This would be a directive from the CFA. Each fire lit in this season, will be
accompanied by a 20L bucket of water next to each fire to ensure the safety of the users.
In the event or threat of bush fire, we will implement our Bushfire management plan, which can be located in
the top left shelf of the kitchenette cupboard. You will also find fire safety equipment in the unlikely event of
‘sheltering in place’. It is advised that each guest downloads the Vic Emergency App to stay informed and up
to date with changing conditions.
Each cabin is equip with a small first aid kit, however if you do require further first aid, please don't hesitate
to contact Sally or Jamie at the homestead or in the event of an emergency dial 000 for emergency health
services including Ambulance, Fire, and Police.
13. Noise, Parties & Behaviour: The house is for registered occupants only (as indicated above).
Parties are not permitted under any circumstances and there is to be no disturbing noise between
10pm to 8am with no excessive noise at any other time. A $100 deduction will be charged with each
Concierge callout, a Private Security callout involves 2x Private Security personal for a minimum of 4
hours each. If your behaviour or that of your guests causes damage, danger or annoyance we
reserve the right to ask you to vacate the property immediately. Please note functions of any kind are
not permitted and the invitation of additional guests beyond the homes capacity will enact our Event
Policy. If you breach this agreement, you will forfeit your entire security bond in addition to any
damages, cleaning and Concierge and security call-outs. Any breach of contract will forfeit your bond
and/or event surcharge will be deducted from your security bond. Please note: Our policy here must
be extremely strict due to our responsibilities to our home. If guests damage/break or invite additional
guests then we have little recourse as we must protect our home. We are not unreasonable by any
means; therefore if you think your ideal weekend would meet expectations, not damage the house or
cause any neighbourly grievances please talk to us first.
14. Guest Concierge: Our Guest Concierge will be of assistance for check-ins and is happy to offer
advice at this time and by phone when required, however we kindly ask you to respect her/his time
during the weekends and evenings unless it is an emergency. Other than as provided for in this
agreement, the property is not serviced. If additional services are requested of the Concierge, please
contact Sambar Hills.
15. House rules: The property contains house rules (see Sambar Hills House Rules located in Cabin).
Please read and observe these rules which are deemed to be incorporated in this agreement.
16. Please Note: A breach or indicated breach of any of the above conditions will permit Sambar Hills to
cancel or amend a booking, refuse access or occupation or immediately terminate a
tenancy. Refunds will not be paid on terminated tenancies and penalties may apply in the event of
parties/events. All details must be filled out correctly and payment processed before the confirmation
of booking. We cannot offer alternative accommodation or a refund if the property is not to your
individual taste. We do not refund for problems such as, but not limited to, plumbing, electrical,
television, wifi not available, light globes out, any appliances (where applicable) not working, blackouts
etc. We will endeavour to fix all problems as soon as practically possible, but as these are entire
properties occasionally a few maintenance issues may arise; fortunately most are easily fixed. Minor
interior and exterior decorations change from time to time in order to maintain the property. Images on
the website are not always an exact representation of the property as changes can and will occur to
keep a property fresh.
17. Additonal Extras: It is our priority to make your stay as enjoyable and comfortable as we can. For this
reason we have chosen to provide some additional items- free of charge. Your are provided with tea (green,
english breakfast and herbal), instant coffee and sugar for your stay. We have provided espresso coffee
4 of 5machines in each unit, with pods for your stay. We have also included salt pepper. Full cream milk, two water
bottles, and a complimentary bottle of wine for you and your guest to enjoy upon arrival. You will be provided
with shampoo and conditioner, body and hand wash. Please use what you need.
18. Your Signature Confirms: That you and each occupant have read agreed and accepted these
terms and conditions. You also acknowledge that this contract terminates upon the final vacation of
the property, that any rental monies collected will be held in a Trust account until contract termination
whereby they will be paid to the owner of the property. Thank you for booking with Sambar Hills
Full payment needs to made upon booking to secure booking dates.
Direct Deposit Transfer to
Acct Name: Keith Family Property
BSB:032 695
ACCT: 496984
Thankyou and trust you enjoy your stay at Sambar Hills
Date of Booking:…………………………………………………………………………….
Invoice or Booking Number:……………………………………………………………………
Please complete the details above sign and date to acknowledge you agree to these
terms and conditions and email to when
transferring your deposit.
Due to the Issues surrounding COVID19, for health and safety to staff and other
guests, we require the full name and contact details of each guest.
Please list below.
We remind guests that at this time, we require all guests coming into the area, and subsequently staying at
Sambar Hills to be well at the time of there intended stay. This is in correspondence with the Victorian State
Government directive. For more information please see and https:// for additional information.
Please also note that all cabins are cleaned with approved cleaning agents after each stay.
Guest are also reminded to use hand sanitiser and practice safe hand hygiene practices and display
coughing etiquette.
Thank you for your understanding.
Now it’s time to Enjoy your Stay!!!

Payment Policy

Full payment is required upon booking confirmation

Cancellation Policy

Total refund given for cancellations 30days out from booking. 50% refund given for those cancellations made within 30 days of the booking. No refund given for those cancellations made on the day of the booking.

COVID19 policy. We understand that this may cause concern when booking your next trip. In the event there is a Lockdown and you are unable to travel, we will happily refund or move your stay to a suitable time.

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