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Seaview Deluxe Room with Breakfast Standard

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Family Deluxe Room with Breakfast Standard

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Property Information

+63 9183684086
+63 915 889 3501
Batiancila Street
Pooc,Santa Fe (Bantayan Island Cebu 6047 Philippines

Amidst the swaying palms right beside the dazzling white sand beaches and crystalline waters of Bantayan Island in the Visayas or Central Philippines stands the SF Cantina- a refreshing oasis for world-wary traveller. This resort is a family run business. Its two cottages exude homey ambiance and standard facilities(clean and air-condition, comfy beds, free WiFi,cable tv,hot showers). The Cantina delivers Filipino hospitality,comfort and value service to its international guests wanting rest and convenience in a tropical setting. Come and visit Bantayan Island. Explore its white beaches, lagoons,mangrooves caves, islets, churches and towns. Experience the island by sky diving, kite boarding, biking and island hopping. Or take a guided tour. Experience Bantayan Island, Philippines!

Property Features

  1. On Site Restaurant
  2. Bar / Lounge
  3. Tour Desk
  4. WiFi Internet
  5. Free WiFi
  6. BBQ Area
  7. Non-Smoking Rooms
  8. Free Parking
  9. Air Conditioning
  10. Sea Access

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Beachfront Book

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AirConditioning-Double Book

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Seaview Deluxe Room with Breakfast Standard Book

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Family Deluxe Room with Breakfast Standard Book

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Terms & Conditions

Online guests should present a voucher with the correct reservation detail. He or she, including his or her companion/s, should present a valid photo ID. For walk-in guests, he or she and companion/s must hold valid photo ID. All payments for the entire stay must be paid full in advance in cash(Philippine Peso).
Guests below eighteen should present proof of relation to his or her companions as per RA 10364 ”Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2012”.

Cash Deposit
A cash deposit of 1,000 PHP is required by this hotel during check in. This is refundable upon check out.

Cash & Valuables
The management shall not be held liable for any loss by guests. They are advised to always lock the doors upon leaving for a walk. Valuables maybe entrusted to frontdesk for safekeeping.

Payment Policy

Reservations require full payment in Philippine Peso.

Please call +63 32 438 9968 or email uacastillo@yahoo.com.ph to settle full payment of your booking prior to arrival.

Failure to settle full payment prior to arrival may lead to cancellation of your booking.

Cancellation Policy

All reservations are non-refundable.

Failure to arrive at this hotel will be treated as a No-Show and no refund will be given.

Unless it is caused by force majeure (Philippine Coastguard controls if ferries are disallowed to make the regular trip- Hagnaya to Santa Fe, because of weather conditions).

Please call the hotel at +63 32 438 9968 in the event of cancellations in ferry schedules.

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