Wongungarra Ski Lodge

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Property Information

Wongungarra Ski Lodge
+61 3 5759 3524
+61 3 5759 3507
22 Davenport Drive
Hotham Heights VIC 3741 Australia

Wongungarra Ski Lodge

COVID-19 ALERT - Lodge is opening on July 6th 2020. Please review the Terms and Conditions below for full details on our COVIS Safe Operation Plan and how that will impact your stay. We look forward to seeing you in these interesting times.

Wongungarra ski Lodge is a family friendly lodge in a great location just near Jack Frost.

Property Features

  1. Guest Laundry
  2. WiFi Internet
  3. Free WiFi
  4. Kitchenette
  5. Non-Smoking Property
  6. Non-Smoking Rooms
  7. Shared Bathroom Facilities
  8. Drying Room

Accommodation Details

Terms & Conditions

People choose to stay in a lodge to have the space to relax, and enjoy the company of others in a friendly atmosphere. For that reason we've outlined some guidelines for when staying at the lodge to ensure the comfort and saftey for everyone.

Safety regulations prohibit smoking anywhere within the lodge. No Candles are to be used anywhere within the lodge.

Store personal toiletry items in your room, not in the shared bathrooms. Store personal clothing items in your room or drying room - not in the living room (our end-of-session lost property box gets full enough!)

You will have your own storage space in a cupboard in the kitchen for dry food stuffs, however it is suggested fruit and vegetables be placed in the cool storage space downstairs to free up space in the refrigerators. A dedicated fridge is provided downstairs for drinks so please use this rather than the kitchen fridges.

Laundry facilities are provided. Please ensure that you empty the washing machine as soon as the cycle is complete, so that others may use it. The drying room may be used to effectively dry clothes and sheets.

Please keep noise levels down in the corridors interconnecting the bedrooms at all times to avoid disturbing people wanting to get some rest - this includes during the day - there may be those who may have over-indulged the night before!

The Lodge Manager usually takes care of the rubbish disposal, however if you see it needs doing then the helping hand is certainly appreciated. There are instructions near rubbish bin. All recyclable glass, and plastic is to be put into the clear recycle bags, and put out with the regular rubbish.

Conserve energy - If you are too hot, turn down heaters rather than leave windows open.

Check out time is no later than 2.00pm. Please ensure your gear is out of your room by this time, and if you intend skiing on your last day, place it in the temporary luggage storage space provided.

Contract cleaning is provided for the bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and dining areas however your assistance with cleaning your bedroom prior to departure is appreciated. Vacuuming of the floor, emptying of the waste bin and a quick clean of the vanity unit helps us prepare the room for the next guest.

We endeavour to have the rooms available for incoming guests as early as possible, but not before 3.00pm.

Please be considerate of others with regard to shared spaces, especially food preparation, cleanup, and noise. We also appreciate your assistance in maintaining the general tidiness of the lodge. Vacuum cleaners are available and it is appreciated if the recreation areas and corridors are kept nice and tidy.

Payment Policy

Full Payment required on booking.

Please note that if you have requested Linen that amount will be run through as a seperate charge on your credit card before your arrival.

Cancellation Policy

A confirmed booking can be changed provided that adequate notice is given to the Booking Manager.

Refunds will be made based on the notice period provided as follows:

Notice given:

more then 28 days = 100% refund
14 - 28 days = 75% refund
7 - 14 days = 50% refund
less than 7 days = no refund

If we have to Cancel your booking we will give a full refund.

If you have a COVID-19 related illness that requires cancelling or shortening your booking, we will provide a full refund of any remaining days on the booking.

In the event of a special reason for cancellation (eg. accident or illness) the committee shall have absolute discretion to vary the above terms and conditions.

Requests for refunds of money paid will only be considered by the Committee in exceptional circumstances, or by the Booking Manager. If for any reason you cannot use a confirmed booking, advise the Booking Manager immediately to discuss alternative arrangements.

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